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Marketing strategies

To increase your market share it is better to add value rather than to discount product. When value adding, the ‘value’ does not have to be large in money terms. It can be just as effective if the ‘value’ is large in terms of ‘interest’. Consider some of the following ideas:

Internet – If you are assisting someone with the Internet, give them a ‘free’ disk or newsletter, with marketing tips and ideas, or a list of Internet addresses on business. You can get these from the Internet and download them. It only costs you time, but it can be of great assistance and really appreciated by your client.

Retail – If organising sport or camping outings, give a free book on bushwalking trails.

Hairdresser – If styling hair, provide a bottle of conditioner (ask the supplier to join with you on the promotion) or a styling comb.

Entertainer – If providing entertainment, offer a free tape or CD



Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash
  • According to the festival fashion of the past summer, glitter was used to decorate all parts of the body, including hair roots. The easiest and most gentle way is to generously mix large glitter with a plastic styling gel: the glitter easily fixes on the hair and rinses off with the product. The more “jelly” the gel is, the better and more pleasant the procedure will be. The method is good for high hairstyles or short graphic haircuts. You can order bulk craft glitter online, choosing the volume and color that you need. You can also choose the size of the sequins and the delivery method.

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