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Retractable grilles or alarms?

You may be wondering why you should consider retractable grilles over an alarm. After all, they both offer a good standard of security, don’t they? The truth is that there are a number of advantages to retractable grilles that you just don’t get with an alarm.

A burglar alarm is intended to act as a deterrent and when alarms were first developed they did work as a deterrent but they are now used almost everywhere and the burglars are not really put off by them. Most burglars know that many alarms are not monitored and that the police will not be able to get there immediately. The speed at which a burglar can move in and out of a building means that you need to have other measures in place.

Retractable grilles will protect the glass and this helps to prevent the burglar from getting onto the property in the first place. This actually forms a physical barrier so even by breaking the glass the burglar cannot get onto the property.

By putting the retractable grilles into place you can dispense with having an alarm. This can often save a company a lot of money. Installing an alarm and having it maintained and monitored can be very expensive and if it isn’t going to stop the burglars anyway then what is the point?

Remember that if you opt for the grilles then there is very little to be spent on maintenance after the initial installation and you have achieved your objective – no-one can get through them. During the day while the business is open the grilles can be pushed back so that there is no obstructed view from the windows then fastened shut again in the evening, ensuring that your business is protected when you are not there.


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