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Starting Your Own Driving School Business

Starting a business can take many years of saving up to build up a capital, however, if you are past that stage and already have sufficient savings in your bank, then starting up a business isn’t as hard as you might think. First you will have to think about the assets and talents you already have in order to decide what kind of business you would be interested in starting.

Setting up your business

If you are a confident driver and you have your own car, then one possible business you could start is a driving school. To become a driving instructor, you will need to get a government approved license to begin with. As a driving instructor, you will essentially have other people’s lives in your hands, thus, you will have to be one hundred percent confident in your ability to not only drive, but to pass on your knowledge to another young person. The government will give you a test to validate your driving skills before handing you your license.

While you are working on getting your license as an instructor start looking for a place to have your school, preferably in a visible area possibly on the main road. You will not need a big space to start a driving school as most of your work will be done on the road. However, it is important to choose a place with ample parking as you will need to consider getting additional cars as your business grows. You will need to invest in appropriate signage with your businesses name and the services that you offer. Place your signs in front of your new office where they will be visible to passes by.

Marketing your business

In order to market your new business you will first need to identify your target markets. In this case, your target market will be split in to two specific groups. The first group is youngsters who want to get their first license as well as slightly older individuals who might finally decide they would like to start driving instead of taking the bus. This is your direct market. You may use social media as a tool to start marketing to this specific market. The advent of social media and digital media allows you to directly target your advertisements to thousands of young people at a very low cost.

Your second and equally important target market is parents of teenagers who are getting their first license. Although many teenagers are excited about getting their first license, it is often their parents who make the final decision on what driving school they will attend and when they will learn. To target this market, you will need to print a number of attractive hand out and posters that you will be able to give out to passersby and drop in the post boxes of neighboring houses. Between social media and printed handouts, you are guaranteed to reach your entire target market and make your business a success.


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