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Since ancient times, there has been a practice of resolving controversial issues in court. The courts consider criminal and civil cases, cases on the division of property, or the determination of the place of the child’s residence, the court helps to resolve the dispute between business partners and between neighbors. In a regular court, the case is considered by a single judge who conducts the process, finds out the circumstances of the case, establishes the guilt or innocence of the defendant. In a jury trial, the jury decides whether the defendant is guilty or innocent. This ensures maximum judicial independence.

What does a lawyer need to win a case? It seems that the answer is obvious. It is necessary to study all the details of the case, and judicial precedents, collect evidence of the client’s innocence. In some situations, this may work. But this is not always enough. Sometimes the attorney comes to a court hearing with all the facts necessary to win but loses the case! The reasons for this can be very different, but the most important thing is that people remain human and can behave unpredictably. It is difficult to foresee what circumstances will arise during the trial; it is difficult to calculate the jury’s reaction with absolute precision. Of course, the more experience a lawyer has, the more likely it is to win in court. But what if the experience is not enough yet? Losing cases and losing clients?

The Tulsa trial attorney has a solution for this problem. Ken Adair, a trial attorney, and retired judge founded his firm precisely to help attorneys win in court. He and his dream team are ready to assist lawyers in preparing for the trial. With a long history of litigation, Ken Adair knows exactly what it takes to win a case.

First of all, it means assistance in preparing for the court session. The Trial.Win team will review all the collected evidence together with the attorney, try to provide for a reaction by the judge and jury and draw attention to the escaped details. Ken Adair learns your case to discover some potential weaknesses. Trial.Win will help a lawyer compose the narrative for the court session so that the message sounds as accurate and convincing as possible. It is also possible to organize a training test court session in order to simulate all possible situations.

Ken Adair can also support you during your trial as a first or second chair co-counsel. Thanks to his experience, he can examine and cross-examine witnesses, directing the hearing in the right direction.

The assistance of an experienced trial attorney is invaluable for aspiring attorneys as well as experienced defenders. Each case is unique, and if you want to win, you will need valuable advice and an outside perspective.

When a client goes to a lawyer, he or she expects to win in court. For a lawyer, winning is also extremely important, as it is the basis of the attorney’s professional reputation. Build your dream team with Ken Adair and win.

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