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Photocopiers for office use

Office photocopiers are an integral part of any business. Having a photocopier in good working order means you can duplicate your files easily and quickly. If you have a standard letter you need several copies of, simply place it into the photocopier, input the amount of copies you need and press enter. Office photocopiers are usually more than that though, they are very often printers too which can help your life so much easier around the office.

It is important to make sure your office photocopiers are serviced regularly. The last thing you need if you have an urgent copy need is to have the machine break down. There are so many little parts and intricate workings to the inside of the machine itself that it only takes one to cause a problem. Some issues can be resolved by following the simple instructions that come up on the screen, such as jammed paper, but others can mean you need to call an engineer. This can take time and cost money, not only for the engineer, but it could also delay your business.

It is important that your staff know the basics on how to look after the copier, refilling paper, changing the toner cartridge and how to find paper that might be jammed. If your staff are in the habit of slamming the lid closed, or using too much force when trying to fix something they could just add to the problem. Your photocopier should have a long service life, so look after it, and it looks after you.


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