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Where to find a job as a translator without experience

The next question after “How to learn a foreign language on your own”, “How to become a professional translator” from all recent graduates, as well as students, applicants and even those who dream and sympathize is “How to find a job for interpreters and translators without experience”.

Of course, both students and even experienced translators should approach this choice very consciously: to calculate their strengths and capabilities, to measure the real interest and expectations from participation in the program with the difficulties that will inevitably have to be faced.

If you have to struggle with the idea that you will “work as a translator for free,” it is better to refuse to participate in volunteer projects, otherwise it will not bring good and positive emotions to you or to those who need help.

However, there are a lot of invaluable bonuses from joining the ranks of language volunteers – from the opportunity to travel and practice communication in a foreign language to gaining a huge experience, positive emotions and satisfaction from the work every day.

Working on board a ship is the first serious job as a translator, it helps to make a huge leap forward in language learning, find yourself and earn your first capital.

Tourism is working with a foreign language in hotels, escorting groups, selling tours, coordinating and working as a sales assistant in souvenir shops for tourists. Usually it is seasonal, in most cases during the summer holidays.

If you are an aspiring translator looking for a job, be prepared to write your first resume, complete test assignments, and work at below market rates. Both large and small translation bureaus are constantly in search of talented and conscientious young specialists.

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