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Business and Management Studies, Important When You Start a Business

If you want to set up a company then you should have business and management studies so that you can manage the company well. Though business and management have different sense, but these two words often put together because both are complementary. Business has a sense as trying or trade any goods or services.

Management term as mentioned by Ricky W. Griffin is a process to plan, organize, manage and control to achieve goals that had been previously planned efficiently and effectively.

The function of Planning is to plan what will be a goal the company, why it should be done, when the plan will be carried out, where you will do it, who anyone would do it and how you will do. Organizing function is how you create the organizational structure with the concept of the right man in the right place.

Actuating function is how you can ask your employees want to run your commands well, quickly and correctly. Controlling function is oversight that you should do if the results already achieved in accordance with the company’s vision and of mission.

By studying your business and management are expected to have a guide that can assist in executing running new company.


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